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Latest News

Dr. Halis Yildiz

has received the 2017 Faculty of Arts Teaching and SRC Award.

Nazanin Behzadan and Dr. Richard Chisik

have a paper titled "Does inequality drive the Dutch disease? Theory and evidence" (with H. Onder and B. Battaile), published in the Journal of International Economics.

Dr. Yu Wang

has a paper titled "The impact of student debt on education, career, and marriage choices of female lawyers" (with H. Sieg), forthcoming in the European Economic Review.

Dr. Halis Yildiz

has a paper titled "Do free trade agreements affect tariffs of non-member countries? A theoretical and empirical investigation" (with A. Stoyanov and K. Saggi), forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Dr. Jeanne Tschopp

has a paper titled "Wage formation: Towards isolating search and bargaining effects from the marginal product" forthcoming in the Economic Journal, and another paper titled “Comparative advantage, capital destruction, and hurricanes” (with M. Pelli) forthcoming in the Journal of International Economics.

Dr. German Pupato

has a paper titled "Performance pay, trade and inequality" forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Theory.

Upcoming Events

Paul Beaudry (University of British Columbia)

will present a paper titled "On the Macroeconomic Consequences of Over-Optimism" on Friday the 27th of April at 4:00 p.m. in POD 358.

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