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PhD in Economics

The objective of the PhD program in Economics is to produce highly qualified professional economists with the analytical and empirical expertise required for success in the global economy. Compulsory core courses offer rigorous training in economic theory, econometrics and mathematical economics, while field and elective courses are designed to prepare students to undertake cutting-edge research in international economics and finance. Solid theoretical training combined with an empirical orientation ensures that graduates are well suited for high-level research and management positions in national and international financial institutions, international organizations, provincial and federal governments, and academia. The PhD program will be available only on a full-time basis and will focus on the single field of International Economics and Finance.

PhD Admission Requirements .

PhD Degree Requirements.

MA in International Economics and Finance

The MA program in International Economics and Finance is a highly specialized program designed for students in the early stages of their professional careers. Compulsory core courses are designed to provide students with a solid background in economic theory, financial theory and econometrics. Field and elective courses provide specialized training related to the core areas of the program: international economics and finance. A major research paper allows students to develop research skills and explore a particular topic of their choice in greater detail. Following the Ryerson tradition, the program emphasizes the application of theory. As the program combines rigorous analytical training with an empirical orientation, graduates are well suited for research and management positions in national or international financial institutions, international organizations, and provincial or federal governments. Moreover, students are provided with the rigorous academic background required to pursue their studies at the PhD level. The program is available as a full-time (one year) or part-time (two years) study option.

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MA Admission Requirements .

MA Degree Requirements.

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