Admission Requirements

For admission into the PhD or MA program, applicants must fulfill normal university admissions procedures and the following program specific requirements:


MA Program Specific Admission Requirements

  1. Have achieved a minimum of at least a 3.0/4.33 (B) average (or equivalent) in their last four semesters (or terms) of undergraduate study in a four-year honours program (or equivalent).
  2. Demonstrate that they have the necessary background to pursue masters’ level graduate work in international economics and finance. Normally, this would be an undergraduate degree in economics or a commerce degree. The students should be familiar with the undergraduate course content of intermediate macro and microeconomic theory, econometrics, calculus and linear algebra, international economics and finance.
  3. Provide two letters of recommendation. Students applying for the full-time program must provide letters of recommendation from former instructors (post-secondary level); while those applying for the part-time program may substitute one letter from their current employer for one of the academic references.
  4. Resume/CV
  5. Provide a Statement of Interest. Your statment should be approximately 500 words long and include the following:
    • your reasons for graduate study in Economics;
    • the research interest(s) you may wish to pursue;
    • how your previous studies and experience have prepared you for the MA program; and
    • your career objectives and how the MA program relates to them.


For further information on deadline dates, English language proficiency, and the online application, please visit or contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

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