The Department of Economics at Ryerson offers multiple degree options at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Our Bachelor of Arts in International Economics and Finance is a four-year program that is unique in Canada. This program combines economic theory and quantitative methods with practical skills and social awareness, including an internship, to provide the skills needed for positions in banking, financial management services, global business, the public sector, or post-graduate programs in Economics, Law or Business.

Our Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Management Science is a four-year program that is designed to meet the needs of industry and government for professionals with well-developed analytical and model building skills. Students in other programs can take a six-course Economics Minor. The Department of Economics also offer a large variety of continuing education certificates.

Our Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance is a one-year program that is also unique in Canada. This program provides students with a strong training in economic theory, econometrics and finance.

The Department of Economics offers a PhD in Economics specializing in International Economics and Finance.

Our graduate programs are designed to promote research and the understanding of international economics and finance as critically important factors for an open economy such as Canada. Both programs prepare graduates for careers in economics and finance in national or international financial institutions, international organizations, and provincial or federal governments. The programs are designed enhance the learning and career advancement of practitioners presently working in the government or financial sectors.

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